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Get admitted into a university abroad

Your future is in your hands

The process of being accepted in a cuniversity abroad depends on your knowledge of the admission process, and that differs from country to country. In some places you need to take an admission exam, in others you need to send your grades along with a curriculum of activities, and in others you start your classes and need to pass a progression exam after a certain period of studies.  Learning how all these process work together with information regarding costs, scholarships, paperwork and educational systems can be very confusing. For that reason Gold Tassel, a Brazilian company specialized in placing students in universities outside their own countries, created the Me Global Program, so that you start having all information you need since the 9th grade and have everything ready when the time for application arrives. Don't wait until the last minute! Studying abroad requires the proper planning!

Long Distance Training

Get ready wherever you are

Everything you need to know about going to college abrad is going to be presented to you in a distance learning platform. The content is divided in topics and each one of them start in set date and time with a live online broadcast with one of Gold Tassel's specialists. For about 40 minutes that topic is going to explained in details with the possibility of interaction with the participants. This broadcast, that we call encounter, is recorded and made available in the platform to be watched again as many times as you need. In addition, you will have a handbook about that topic created specifically for the Program, links to other websites that discuss the same topics, tips, videos and bibliography. 


Each encounter will address important subjects to help students and families decide if you should study abrad and where you should go. 

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You will know what are the essential and anciliary documents necessary to start your application parocess.


Learn what are the amounts to be invested in a college outside your country, where it is more expensive, where it less expensive and receive tips on how to prepare to pay.

Outdoor Aerobics


It is possible to get a scholarship through your grades or because of your talents. We will talk about that along the program. 

Specific Countries and Area of Study

You will receive all necessary information about the eduation system and the  application methods for aspecific countries. Also, see how it is to study medicine, business, engineering, arts, among other areas outside your country.  

World Peace

What we will do together in this jouney

Success depends on proper planning

Taking the decision about staying home or moving abroad is not easy, specially because students and families don't know where to start, how to find and manage the options, what are the documents and when they will be needed. That is why we will work together in a plan organizing the steps to conquer your educational dreams.

Where to start?

That is why we are here!

We will show you how get prepared for the different education methods and for the admission requirement. In addition, you will know very early the costs involved, the scholrships, the deadlines and how to get prepared for the possible exams. These information will be your compass to guide your decisions.  

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Organizing your Curriculum

Show who you are

Do you know that ballet or judo class you take? You need to show! And your language classes you take outside your school? They count a lot! So you never participated in math or literature contests because you sow no reason for that? Now there is one! Have you ever taken some time for social work? You should! Do you sing, dance, perform? Do you play any sport very well? You need to be able to show that! Let's organize your resumè!! 


Managing your school reports

Your efforts making sense

Good grades are the key to access the most prestigious universities in the world. They are a fundamental part of your curriculum and that is why we are with you preferably since 9th grade. See what schools can accept you and offer you scholarships because of your perfomance in class. We will do that together in our one-to-one encounters. 

Upward Curve

Work plan

What to do in each step

For each one of your academic year there is a list of activities you need to do so that everything is ready in the correct order with now rush. We will establish together your action plan, and you will have everything you need in right time and in the right way. 

Brainstorming Session

“Act as if what you do makes a difference. It does”

William James

What is your school year today?

You can start your Me Global Program in the 9th, 10th or 11th year. Find yours below and explore it. 

9th YEAR

In most countries your grades from 9th year count and that is why idealy we should to start preparing you from this point

10th YEAR

If you are in the 10th year, you will have two years in the Me Global Program to adjust your grades, curriculum and be aware of important deadlines. 

11th YEAR

You still have this year to put your things in order, organize a good curriculum and get ready to be admitted in the university of your dreams, but do not waste time!

About Us

100% approvals in universities abroad

This is one of those stories of passion turned into a profession. Gavur Kirst, one of the company director and responsible for the Me Global Program, graduated in International Studies at Utica College (of Syracuse University) in the USA. During the four years of his stay, he worked in the International Admissions Office, helping to organize paperwork of the applicants, to welcome the new international students and to ensure their well-being. Returning to Brazil he worked as Manager of the International Business Center of the Federation of Industries in his State, Mato Grosso. He was a college professor and worked in the exports and imports business. However, he assisted with no charge tens of students to be accepted in universities abroad.  Due to an increasing demand for that service and following his instincts and passion, in 2012 he decided to join with Valeriano Martins who already owned an international education agency and started to offer that service full time in a professional manner, assembling a fantastic team of experts.

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