10th Grade

If you are in 10th Grade we will be together at Me Global for two years, which is the time we have to give you all the information necessary and to organize your grades and your curriculum. The work we do together from this point is: 

  • Having an online and live encounter via platform every 20 days with all the students in that same year. This encounter is recorded and stays available for you to see it again at the platform;

  • Offer you a Me Global handbook covering all the content of each topic;

  • Make available a series of videos, bibliography, a list of websites so that the student and the family can get more in depth information about each topic;

  • Have individual meeting to discuss the student plans, to design  a work plan for each year, and to evaluate the school grades;

The encounters start in the 10th year and finish in December of the 11th year. 

The cost of the program is R$3.960,00 which will be divided in 2 years of R$1.980,00. The amount of each year can be paid in 12 installments with no interest. At the beginning of each year the payment plan is renewed.